Thursday, December 30, 2010

Makers Mark Ambassador

It was that time of year again.  Time for my annual present from Markers Mark.  For about the last 6 X-masses they have sent me gifts, ranging from swizzle sticks, wrapping paper to a stick of wax and with a Makers Mark stamp to seal my documents.  There was a time when makers was my bourbon of choice.  I even have my name inscribed on a barrel somewhere in their distillery I believe it reads "Sweeney the Great"

This year they sent my a Maker's Mark Ice tray that makes giant spheres of ice.  Back in the day i used to drink my bourbon on the rocks or mixed with water.  But the only reason I do such things is too make my drink last longer at the bar.  I no way to I advocate such actions if your goal is inebriation.  One of the best gifts I received this X-mas was a 1.75 Bottle of Maker's my sister gave me and since they sent me the gift I thought I might as well give it a try at least once.

Well I thought it looked kind of cool but when I went to drink it my bourbon tasted watered down.  My palate likes strong bourbon over 100 proof. Girlie bourbon like Jack Danial's at 80 proof taste like water and cowboy pee.  Makers is a step up at 90 proof but it is no Wild Turkey 101.  Even before I finished my first glass I took the ice out cupping my hands around the glass in a pitiful attempt to warm it up.  I appreciate the gift but I shall not be using these balls of ice in my drink.  I have much more devious plans in store.

The perfect crime leaves no evidence, it this case it just melts away.
Look out crystal cathedral

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