Friday, February 18, 2011

Beer 30

a hypothetical time of day uttered in response to the question of "what time is it." when consumption of said malted beverage becomes an event that is either inevitable or required to proceed with life as we know it in modern society. No other time expression exists with beer in it, ie. there is no beer fifteen, or quarter to beer, there is also not a half past a beer or beer forty five. If it is not exactly beer thirty when someone asks you just say its getting close to beer thirty.

While perousing the .99 store the other I decided to check out the alcohol Isle.  Once in a awhile they have some palatable wine. 

(most of the time you end up with vinegar)

It's gotta be a pretty big basket.

Most of the time they have some sort cheap beer you can not find anywhere else. 
Today I came across these bad boys.

Beer 30 Light 4.0 ABV
How could I resist ?

At $.59 a can I was sold.  I dig the creative marketing.  Checking the clock on the can Beer 30 seems to be at about 4:57

I was pretty sure the beer would be a step down from Keystone Light, but what the Hell.
Beer 30 Ice 5.5 ABV

It's pretty hard to make a light beer that unpalatable but 9 times out of 10 Ice beer is pretty gross and must be pounded fast

I decided to drink both at the same time so that I could compare the flavors more accurately.


Beer 30 Light:   D+

Better than water from a rusty pipe.  

Beer 30 Ice:   D-

The faster you drink it the more likely it will get finished.  Each sip tasted worse than the one before. I think they call it ICE beer because it tasted like it had freezer burn. 

Usually I use beer to wash down my food.
It took 3 avocados wort of Guacamole to cleanse the beer taste from my tongue.

Now thats what I call a  beer

Cheers to the marketers of Beer 30 It made me laugh and I'm glad I spent the $.59 on each beer so that you don'y have to.